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Scum Sponge Beach Ball

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Product description

Introducing the Scum Sponge Beach Ball, a whimsical solution for keeping your spa water line sparkling clean. These unique floaters are made of special foam that has the remarkable ability to absorb oils and lotions, offering a hassle-free way to maintain pristine water quality.

The Scum Sponge Beach Ball is designed to float effortlessly in your spa or skimmer, where it effectively absorbs oils and lotions that can accumulate on the water's surface. With its exceptional absorption capacity, these floaters can absorb up to forty times their weight in oils and lotions, keeping your water line clean and free from unsightly scum.

By using the Scum Sponge Beach Ball, you can minimize the formation of scum lines around the waterline, ensuring that your spa maintains its pristine appearance. Additionally, it helps to extend the life of your spa filter by reducing the amount of debris and contaminants that reach the filter.

Using the Scum Sponge Beach Ball is simple and convenient. Just place it in your spa or skimmer, and let it float to work. The special foam material will absorb oils and lotions, leaving your waterline sparkling clean. Regular use of these floaters can help you maintain a consistently clean and inviting spa environment.

Enjoy the benefits of clean, scum-free spa water with the Scum Sponge Beach Ball. Order your pack today and experience the convenience and effectiveness of these floating oil and lotion absorbers. Keep your waterline pristine, prolong your filter's lifespan, and indulge in a worry-free spa experience.

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Scum Sponge Beach Ball

$7.99 USD

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