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Lock Down SteelCore Security Straps

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Product description

Achieve cleaner spa water and prolong the life of your cartridge filter with Great Filter Cleaner. This powerful and concentrated solution is specially formulated to provide a dual-action cleaning process, effectively removing oils, lotions, minerals, and scale that accumulate on the filter.

Regular use of Great Filter Cleaner, ideally once a month, helps ensure that your spa water remains clean and free from impurities. By eliminating buildup on the cartridge filter, this solution improves the efficiency of the filtration system, promoting clearer and healthier water for your spa.

Great Filter Cleaner is compatible with various sanitizers commonly used in spas, including biguanide, bromine, chlorine, and ozone-based sanitizers. This versatility allows you to integrate Great Filter Cleaner into your existing spa maintenance routine without any compatibility concerns.

Using Great Filter Cleaner is simple and hassle-free. Just follow the provided instructions to mix the appropriate amount of solution with water, then soak your cartridge filter for the recommended duration. The concentrated formula will penetrate deep into the filter media, effectively dissolving and lifting away contaminants.

By incorporating Great Filter Cleaner into your regular spa maintenance routine, you can extend the life of your cartridge filter and ensure optimal filtration performance. A clean and efficient filter is crucial for maintaining crystal clear water and preventing the buildup of unwanted substances in your spa.

Choose Great Filter Cleaner for its dual-action cleaning power, compatibility with multiple sanitizers, and the assurance of a cleaner and longer-lasting filter. Experience the benefits of clean and pristine spa water with Great Filter Cleaner. UPC Code: 818357001140.

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Lock Down SteelCore Security Straps

$129.00 USD

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